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- Inflow years are now treated as wrapping around from the first to the last year followed by the mean year. The 'mean' value in the Volatility matrix is no longer valid and a run with repeating mean years is not possible. For example setting the InflowYear before 1930 where 1931 is the first inflow year will start the run in a mean year.

- Seperating out hydro code and adding serialisation to the hydro configurations, so hydro definitions can be saved

- Fixed Group Constraints, which were not working.

- Water values now use the matrix form of the valuation file. The values from the matrices can be used directly, - choose 'MX' in the WV type or by converting them to contours first (choose 'MD') (The choice has been disabled for this version, only MD is available)

- Removing automatic reserve region association, which referenced which side of the HVDC each node was. EMarket uses the user entered reserve region by node instead.

- Hydro resources in hydro systems now use the full resource name of the Hydro System


- Added a starting storages file. This file is used to continue from a previously executed run. The file is loaded as a CSV file in the Misc directory. The first line contains the original Run start date, from which inflowyears are run. Following lines contain two cells, containing the reservoir name and the starting storage in Mm2 respectively.

- Added Short Storage generators (batteries)


- Generator + Reserves constraints now properly implemented

- Generators with no energy offers will be treated like ILR when offering reserve (no reserve/generation constraints)


- Fixed an error when saving resources where more than one system variable is being used

- Added an option to the output spec filter 'Version' : use 'Version*' instead to output the partition names without including the dimension name.


- fixed a bug with running more than one time step 'stage'


- Generator description shows in the market configuration page


- Fixes crashes caused by null strings in resources

- Fixes problems with entry and deletion of items in the market configuration

- 1 MW tolerance on unit constraints removed

- Corrected the starting storage for the uncontrolled reservoirs in the water value calculation


- Implement contraint adjustments when IQP fails

- Corrected the starting storage for the uncontrolled reservoirs in the water value calculation


- Hydro paramaters max, min flow can now vary over time within the water value calculation algorithm.

- Bug fix to the new dispatch engine, Binary (cautious) solves were not working properly and were throwing up errors

- Fixed the results viewer in the water value window.

- Fixed the Adjust WVs by Location option which was stuck at always on


- Now has Modulation Risk and shared NFR maximums enforced. Interface shows all reserve sharing variables - Some Refactoring, Binarydirectory added but not used yet - Tidied up dispatch options:

 Options controlled through codes in the run description: 
 +OD old dispatch
 +CP corrected pricing
 +SRO model sustained reserve only
 +FRO model fast reserve only
 +NNCC no non-convex constraints
 +EI(<n>) do n extra iterations in dispatch
 +MPFD(<kW2>) maximum power flow delta to exit iteration
 NMIR factors tha may be controlled by defining a global variable:
 FIREffectivenessFactor         Default 0.8
 ForwardSharingLimit            Default 220
 ReverseSharingLimit            Default 220
 RoundPowerMax                  Default 22.5
 MonopoleMinPlusMR              Default 65
 ModulationRisk                 Default 30
 BipoleTransitionStartingPoint  Default 180

- Allow results graphs to be synchronised - Put run editing panels into Panes. Put arbitrary run settings into a 'Run extra settings' fields which can be edited by the user. each setting is a fieldname - value pair seperated by a colon. - Added Starting Water Value Adjustment. These are done in the Run extra settings using the fieldname 'StartingWaterValue'. The value is three comma seperated parameters representing the Generator Name, StartWaterValue and Merge Days which causes the water value at that generator to start at the given value and return to the calculated value over the period given by the Merge days parameter - EMarket now using the same dispatch engine as EMO. HVDC modeling and Reserve sharing now enabled


- Fixed resource imports so copies or overwrites can be chosen


- Fixed the issue if a line is too long. - Bug fixes


- Stopped the saving of dates being influenced by locale settings


- traitline.outage is now in the binary output list


- Bug fixes


- Bug fixes


- Report bug fixes


- Some bug fixes


- Enabled command line running of EMarket - Got rid of carry over variables


- Fixed a problem caused by HydroSystem.CatchmentStorage being treated as a post dispatch value. It is now a pre dispatch value.


- Using the run log while evaluating the water values, so run - time errors are logged if they occur - Bug fixes - problems reading old grid resources with no node losses. problems reading hydrosystems with not enough stations. - Hydro chain group numbering fixed


- Some Efficiencies


- Improved efficiency of the results graph


- Added the Average to the variations available on the results graph - Added Monthly Averages option to results graphs


- Corrected an error in importing resources - Alert on schedule errors - 'If' function added

*IMPORTANT* '1h', '2h', '3h', '4h', '6h', '8h' function have been changed to 'H1', 'H2', 'H3', 'H4', 'H6, 'H8'. This is a name change only, the functions work in the same way.
*IMPORTANT* dates in the schedule must be entered in a standard format, <Day>/<Month>/<Year> where day and month are one or two digit numerals and year is a four digit numeral.

- Updated schedule editing. The schedule editor is now more colourful and hopefully more useable. - Added a view 'All Schedules' window to the Run window to facilitate seaching of the schedule items. - Stop demand regions being reset when the region set is not actually changed - Fixed an error that was stopping prefilters from working when a Report Batch was run using the 'Run Now' button.


- More options for x64 compilation and optimize code option


- Installs new version over previous versions


- Created a way to release the setup after it has been dotfuscated


- Run time errors cause the run to abort now, with the error in the run log - Rationalising messaging and error reporting - not finished yet - Patch to improve schedule editing - Fixed the direction of line flow animation - Try to ensure resources are saved at appropriate points


- Correctly made C# calculate 64bit integer


- Changed position calculation of results files from 32bit integer to 64bit integer.


- Fixed Results menu not running the click event in some instaces - Fixed Run logs being switched partway through a run. - Fixed invalid resources being loaded. - Fixed Import and Export of resources causing resources not to reload correctly until EMarket was closed and re-opened


- Fixed Resources.txt being saved when no changes to the resources were made. - Fixed resource description being at the end not the start when copying a resouce - Reduced the number of times Substituted resource managers were being loaded


- Allow for running reports on multiple runs from the reports page. - Added icon to reports page button - Fixed one of the generator grids not being editable. - Fixed vol matrix editing issues. - Fixed Prefilters from refactor. - Fixed multiple forms not saving after refactor. - Fixed problems with batch. - Fixed Resource name and description not refreshing on the main form. - Check to make sure run names are valid file formats when saving.


- Readded dated inflow adjustments - changed file format to be a replacement value rather than adjustment.


- Major refactor - refactor of inflows - removed inflow adjustments, testing of refactors

6.1.23 v2

- Added Inflow adjustments applying to run values. - Fixed issue with Inflows and Inflow adjustment weeks not matching.


- Added an inflow adjustment file. - Fixed crash to do with inflow adjustment file. - Added optional Weeks.


- Changed arrangement of WV Inputs file. - Mean year added to water value calculation. - Fixed issues relating to Holiday date calculations.


- Added Summary WV Inputs file to results. - Fixed pasting data into Generator Time Sequence.


- Fixed issues to do with thread count down.


- Added release and spill entry points from tributary system - Added Duration column to raw reports - Added Hydro.StartingStorage - Inflows transferred from tributary systems are now held in special 'reservoirs' which release progressively into the system (higher releases for larger storage quantities) and whose storage is included in the total storage. - bug fixes and speed-ups


- Added release and spill entry points from tributary system - database files renamed (avoid windows indexing!)


- Further improvements to multi threading support - Fixed bugs with Reserve Generation. - Improvements to the Progress Monitor.


- Further improvements to multi threading support.


- Improvements to multi threading support. User option for the number of threads used


- Added Multi threading support for multiple inflow years


- Fix bugs loading runs from EMarket 5 - Fixed bug relating to deleting batches from queue - Migrated from saving settings in Registry to Program Settings - Fixed bug relating to water value calculation divisions


- Bug fixes affecting calculating WaterValues - Map Changes - Updated bulk delete resources to new dialog


- Bug fixes affecting Output Specs, adding Runs into batch - Graph Improvements


- Bug fixes affecting dispatching Hydro behaviour.


- Fixed Missing exe Icon - Fixed Finding incorrect offer step


- Bug Fixes - Loading Generator's Offer Bands, Interpreting Schedules. - Added EMarket Icon back to .exe and added icon to AddRemovePrograms


- Results Map - Results Graphs have extra options for selecting colour, dashes and emphasis, which persist within the working directory (the options are stored in the results directory)

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